Congratulations Haag Brown Business of the Week Award Winner Dairy Queen of Jonesboro!

Dairy Queen of Jonesboro is selected for the Haag Brown Business of the Week award for their friendly service, successful business results, and overall improvement to the Jonesboro economy.

As you may already know, Haag Brown Commercial’s most recent development on Hwy 49 North is a HUGE success! Dairy Queen of Jonesboro has been BOOMING with business since their grand opening in November 2011.

Recently, after talking with Dairy Queen of Jonesboro about their new Haag Brown Commercial award, they informed me of a special DQ event coming up that they would like to raise awareness for and need your help with! This event is very special to my heart because of my recent involvement and personal relationship with this charity group. All of us at Haag Brown are very excited and eager to help support such a prominent cause.

All day long July 26th, at the Hilltop location, Dairy Queen of Jonesboro will be hosting Miracle Treat Day 2012. This event will provide funding for Dairy Queen’s national platform, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. All of the money raised from this event will go directly to the closest CMN Hospital, which, in this case, is Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.


Dairy Queen of Jonesboro is one of the 16 DQs around Arkansas participating in the annual DQ Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ fundraiser. This year will be the first time Dairy Queen of Jonesboro will be able to participate.

“We are very excited to participate in the annual DQ Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ fundraiser this year! We’re expecting to make our first fundraiser a huge hit and to have many follow! Please invite your friends to help get the word out and RSVP on Facebook by Clicking Here.

~ Anand Patel, Dairy Queen of Jonesboro Manager

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to generating funds and awareness programs to benefit kids treated at 170 children’s hospitals throughout North America. CMN Hospitals raise funds through innovative cause-marketing promotions and other programs developed to meet the business objectives of its sponsors. Much of CMN Hospitals’ funds generate from local fundraisers headed by caring individuals in CMN Hospital communities. CMN  Hospitals’ hallmark is that 100% of locally generated donations stay in the community to benefit kids treated at the local CMN Hospital. * To get a better feel of this amazing organization CLICK BELOW on the video or Click Here to view their website.


 For those of you how do not know… Dairy Queen Inc. (owner of Orange Julius & Karmelkorn) became a national sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 1984. During the past 28 years, Dairy Queen operators thoughout the U.S. & Canada have raised more than $91 MILLION for CMN Hospitals. * By collecting pocket change from customers, selling paper Miracle Balloons and holding special events, DQs have been able to give something back to the communities in which they are located. In this case, Jonesboro Dairy Queen funds for Miracle Treat Day will go directly to the only CMN Hospital in the state, Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

How can you help you may ask? 

You can help this event in 5 different ways…

1. Drop by DQ on Hilltop July 26th & Show You’re Support

2. Purchase a DQ Paper Balloon for Either $1 or $5:

Coupons are attached to these balloons so you actually make money! Also, businesses can donate checks.

3. Purchase a Blizzard on July 26th:

For every Blizzard purchased this day, $1 will be given to AR Children’s Hospital.

4. RSVP on FB by Clicking Here:

For the first time ever, your Facebook RSVP to Miracle Treat Day 2012 will also be matched with an $1 donation to the cause—up to $50,000.

5. Help Spread the word by “Tweeting”, “Liking”,  “Sharing” & Telling your Friends:

Click Here to read more about Miracle Treat Day and like/share/tweet directly from the article.


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